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Christian Corsi is a Colombian DJ Producer and Songwriter based in Miami, United States. 

Corsi always felt connected with music and art in every form since he was a kid, but it was in 2019 that he had the opportunity to study Electronic Music Production in Miami, and finally started to produce Dance & House Music.

Corsi’s first singles were ‘Make Me Feel’ and ‘Keep Calling’, entirely produced, written and sang by himself, in 2019. Since then, he started making more and more music, releasing new singles constantly. Aside from being a power house artist who does it all (writing, producing, singing, mgmt, sound design, audiovisuals and even the music videos), Corsi’s able to bring a playful energy and a sensual feeling in his music, through signature big lead drops and quirky retro synths. Each song is always meaningful and has a whole theme around it, perfectly matched with strong and creative visual content designed entirely by the artist. 

Corsi has over 3M streams combined and over 20K monthly listeners from all over the world, being the top countries Mexico, Brazil, United States, Italy  and Argentina. He has 2 records released under the leading Spanish dance record label from Spain Blanco y Negro and his music has been supported by big names like Spinnin Records, Insomniac Records, Revealed Recordings, Anjunadeep, Gianluca Vacci, Will Sparks, Leandro Da Silva and others.

His latest release was out on Dec 30, a collaboration in the project “History” with Yaans, Brittney Bouchard and 11 artists from different music genres and parts of the world

Corsi has a new single coming out on February 24 and is making the debut in the Miami festival "We Belong Here" on Feb 26. this song is called "Pose For The Camera" and was produced in the style of melodic house and techno. 

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